On cooperation with guest authors

  1. Every author, smysljashhij in military history, bench or rail travel, after checking editorial experts, has the right to post an article or video on the site "War Chronicle".
  2. Ban on publication imposed by promoters of German fascism, Islamic extremism, Ukrainian nationalism, as well as authors, repeatedly engaging in plagiarism and financial fraud.
  3. After you are familiar with the material and the positive expert opinion article is accepted for publication. In this case between the author and the Editorial Office signed a contract (to choose several forms of cooperation depending on the wishes of the author). The author determines the overall cost of its articles and appoint price for its one-time download. Also determines the amount of work on the participation of editorial site "military Chronicle for registration submissions in accordance with the requirements of our information platform (this amount is paid editorial with the beginning of placing an article on the site for consultation from funds donated by readers in the process of downloading articles).
  4. Download counter is located on the site in the public domain. So the author can monitor their replenishment the fee online, and all the other readers-for the relevance of proposed topics.
  5. If the article is of interest to readers and the author completely got his honorarium, and revision is in accordance with the contract covered their expenses for pre-press, further funds from downloads articles are authored and edited in equal shares.
  6. If article is not popular readers (as determined under the counter for downloads), website Editorial Office of financial responsibility before the author does not assume, but also its cost of pre-press said article with no author charges.
  7. Every reader of the site "the military Chronicle" shall have the right to submit editorial about plagiarism in published materials. This applies to text, author of illustrations and photos. In the latter case, the complaints will only be accepted directly from the authors of these pictures. If the facts of plagiarism will be proven, the material will be removed immediately with the publication, and the authors themselves are excluded from working with our information platform. The authors of complaints-will go to court for defamation.
  8. Individuals buying through pay download this or that article or book on our information site, then its one by one revealing them publicly available on other websites will be prosecuted in accordance with Russian legislation.