About the aims and objectives of the project

The world is changing rapidly. Change and we. The coming era of digital technologies will give readers "the military Almanac Chronicle more deeply and comprehensively, but with the help of computer devices, dive into the research process strategies and tactics, as well as to study the history of technology and weapons. As before our company OOO "BTV-book" under the brand of "military Chronicle will release fotoilljustrirovannye Edition of the already known you episodes:" the battle and battle», «military Museum (with branches to fleet, aircraft, armoured vehicles, artillery and other weapons), and the beloved readers uniformologicheskuju-"Army of peace". The basic format of the new titles will now be digital, and the price of downloading new books will not exceed the price of the dokrizisnuju paper products. In some cases, in response to requests from readers, we will produce and traditional book on high-quality paper. But in modern realities do without reform of the rules and functioning of the Almanac strongly impossible, so the project's founders decided to make to the work of the "military" chronicles a number of innovations.

The main, permanent structure of the Almanac will now site "War Chronicle" specially registered us under this brand. Such information site on a regular basis will host a news information and articles on historical, historico-technical and modeling issues. Along with the traditional for us problems (tingling, first and foremost, representatives of the military-historical modelling bench) in the field of vision of "military Almanac Chronicle now adds the history of road transport, railways and, consequently, new directions of modeling related to these themes.

All news materials prepared by members of the Almanac "the military Chronicle and featured on our site, will be free to read. At the same time, any author who writes articles on the above topics, can post their materials on the site for paid download, set the price for downloading its articles and online control counter downloads. A similar ranking approach through our readers fast enough will determine the real interest in the article and the author's popularity with the audience. Yes, and authors can quickly receive payment for their works (more on this aspect of the work site, see part 2 of the regulation-on cooperation with guest authors).

Within the framework of the military-historical research carried out by members of the site free of charge will publish archival materials and photographs on the history of wars and local conflicts. Readers will be able to use them for personal purposes to work on their own productions, as well as for modeling and the creation of dioramas.

Special activity of OOO "BTV-book a military-historical illustrated editions in accordance with the wishes of the customer, so much so that the necessary raw materials for such work were available, and the collective experience of" War Chronicle "did not hold. Banners, posters, and other items of military-patriotic education is also in the sphere of our interests.

As an annex to the site "War Chronicle will gradually expands and begins to operate the eponymous store selling traditional and electronic books, as well as a plastic prefabricated, railway models, military-historical miniatures and other things necessary for these kinds of hobby aftemarketa.

Various sections of the site will be activated in stages, as it is (unlike the military-historical science and modeling) for us new and unexplored. In the path-friends and colleagues!